The title of the project is BIRDS, which is an abbreviation of

Behaviour and Intercultural Respect - Development in Schools

The project BIRDS was accepted with the No. 2010-1-DE3-COM06-10906-1

Objectives of the Project BIRDS

In the partnership BIRDS - "Behaviour and Intercultural Respect - Development in Schools" the following educational aim is to be reached:To educate pupils in a way, that they respect other cultures and show this respect in their behaviour and in the way they treat one another.

To reach this aim, all the participating schools have to accomplish some activities in their schools, in which the main focus is based on "strategies to develop intercultural skills and to fight social exclusion".

The following three activities are to be done in each school as a minimum:

• 1st activity: International meal

Pupils learn about cultures and religions in different countries, they cook the meals, they present it to other pupils, teachers and parents. During this activity they learn to respect other cultures. The activity is reported in text, pictures and movies.

• 2nd activity: Welcome-guide

In this school development project the pupils collect all their ideas on how to welcome a new pupil and how to help him/her in the new situation. This integration guide is a basis for welcoming new pupils in the future or for helping pupils, who are socially excluded. The activity is reported in text, pictures and movies about role-play.

• 3rd activity: Intercultural Calendar.

A Competition among the students to develop 12 pages with pictures, paintings and a text about intercultural competence. The best 12 pages will be represented in the calendar.


The results of these activities are the basis for developing methodical and didactical approaches of intercultural education in the participating countries. The best activities are reported in an

• "Intercultural Calendar"

• "Intercultural Booklet"

• "Intercultural CD-ROM"

• "Intercultural Web Site", which already exists.

The Idea behind the Title BIRDS

Pupils are like birds: After they become fully fledged they fly out into the unknown. It is the duty of schools to prepare them in the best possible way.